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Individualized cottages in the community to serves our Senior respite care guest, Post hospital stay, and Trial period. We also extended our serves to Adult Day Care guest.

  • Senior Respite Care

    Although gratifying, care giving for an older loved one can be difficult. You can’t be with your loved one 24/7. You’re going to need a break to recharge your batteries. The process of finding someone you trust to care for your parent or spouse can be an additional burden. Respite care (also known as short-term care) is available for your family member to stay at one of our senior living communities on a temporary basis.

  • Respite Care Options

    We offer respite care for stays from a couple weeks to a month. Day Stays are also offered in our senior living communities for people who need assistance with care for a few hours during the day. Trained staff will care for your loved one as if they were a permanent resident. They will stay in our luxury cottages near the senior living communities alongside permanent guests. Caregivers choose to utilize respite care for four main reasons:

  • Reasons for Respite Care
    If you or a family member is having surgery or another hospital procedure, additional assistance may be needed post-hospital stay during recovery. With Flowers Assisted Living’s respite care options, you can move to our assisted living and memory care communities temporarily and ensure there is 24/7 care to assist with daily needs.

Trial Period

Moving a parent or spouse to an assisted living or memory care community is a huge transition. At Flowers Assisted Living, we understand these transitions can be intimidating. Short term care options allow you to experience what it will be like to make the move. Before your loved one commits to living with us full-time, give them the opportunity to try out the community. With a respite stay you will be able to make a decision about your assisted living community options first hand. Many of our current residents tried our respite care services and chose to move into our communities after being pampered during their stay.